Gospel Chord Progressions

To study the Harmonic structure of Traditional & Contemporary Gospel in every key using the Number System.  

Practice Strategy

Learn the Major & Minor Scales in every Key.

Major scales with fingering can be found here & here

Minor scales with fingering can be found here & here

More scales with fingering  can be found here

Key of F#/Gb Key of B

Basic Gospel Chord Progressions in Every Key

Based on the Original files from Tblock @  www.learngospelmusic.com


  1.  Major Scales in Every Key with correct fingering.  Ex 1  Ex 2  Ex 3   
  2.  Root position Major, Min, Dim, Aug Triads in every key.  Ex 1 Ex 2 Ex 3
  3. Diatonic Triads in Every Key Ex 1, Ex 2  Ex 3
  4. Triad Inversions Major Minor
  5. 7th Chords Ma7, Dom7, Min7, Aug7 Ex 1  Ex 2  
  6. Major Scale Harmonisation  (Learn all keys)

Basic Gospel Chord Progressions

Notes for the chord progressions examples below can be  found by clicking the appropriate green tabs above .

  1. 1-5-1 Triads,  12 keys, All Inversions, ½ Step increments
  2. 1-V7-1 Example in C, All Inversions. Practice together with 1-4
  3. 1-IV-1 Triads ¾ Time, 12 keys, All Inversions, Circle of Fourths
  4. 1-IV-1-V7-1 Chord Progression , Circle of Fourths, 12 keys, All Inversions
  5. 1-1V-V(7)-1 Chord Progression , Circle of fifths, 12 keys,  All Inversions
  6. 1-I7-IV Chord Progression, 12 keys, All Inversions
  7. 1-IV Walk-up (1) ¾ Time, Circle of Fourths (Keys C to Db) (Keys Gb to G)  
  8. 1-IV Walk-up (2) ¾ Time,  Key of C  (Walking Tenths)

 Song Examples Using Progressions

Learning & Practicing the progressions in every key will enable you to provide simple accompaniment to hymns & worship songs regardless of the key the are sung in.

Examples of simple accompaniment can be found below

Key of C Key of D Key of E Key of Ab Key of Eb Key of F Key of G Key of A Key of C#/Db Key of Bb