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Google researchers have debunked the claims of scientists who said their artificial intelligence algorithm gaydar uk gay detect homosexuality by analysing facial features.

Academics from the internationally respected Stanford University caused outcry when they published their claims last year.

Onlookers compared the study to the racist psuedoscience of phrenology, which purported fay the shape of the skull could reveal character traits. The academics claimed their results were not psuedoscientific but consistent with the gaydar uk gay hormone theory of sexual orientation.

This unproven theory suggests that hormones which people are exposed to in the womb lead gaydar uk gay different physiological attributes and also different sexualities. According to the Google team, however, the algorithm didn't detect a difference in facial features. Instead, it detected a difference in how homosexual and heterosexual men and women take selfies.

Relation Comes From Good Understanding

The researchers took gaydar uk gay of themselves from these different angles to gy how they seem to suggest different facial feature.

So, it turns out that heterosexual men seem to typically take selfies from a lower angle, while heterosexual women take them from a higher angle, because of cultural norms about how we gaydar uk gay our own sexuality.

Heterosexual men were more likely gaydar uk gay display facial hair, while curiously homosexual men and women seemed to more readily wear glasses in their selfies. The paper gajdar an approach based on technological inscription and the commodification of difference to study Gaydar, a commercial social networking site.

Through the activities, events and interactions offered by Gaydar uk gay, the study identifies a series of contrasting identity constructions and market segmentations that are constructed through the cyclic commodification of difference.

These are fuelled by a particular series of meanings attached to gay male sexualities which serve to keep gay men positioned as a gayydar market.

Gaydar uk gay research centres on the study of one, albeit widely used, web site with gaydar uk gay very specific set ukk purposes. The study offers a model for future research on sexuality and ICTs.

As a sexualised object, Gaydar presents a semiosis of politicised messages that question heteronormativity while simultaneously contributing to the definition of an increasingly globalised, commercialised and monolithic form of gay male sexuality defined against ICT.

Light, B. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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